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(Mise à jour Décembre 2016)



The company CHALAIR aviation is an airline company.

The purchase of flights CHALAIR aviation involves the whole membership of the customer on the general conditions of transport of the company CHALAIR aviation and the unconditional acceptance of all the capacities(measures) expressed on the general conditions.

The company CHALAIR aviation can make updates at any time conditions defined in the present. So, we deeply advise to our Internet users to mean traveling them during each of their visits.


Article I: price lists

Fare informations, discounts and discounts are indicated and updated in the entitled document Conditions of Tariff Application annexed to these General terms of sale.

The prices are published inclusive of all taxes, with the exception of certain received airport taxes locally.

There are in particular specific tariff lists:
- For the Babies and Children: the babies of less than 2 years and the children under age 12 are the object of particular reductions.

We draw your attention on the fact that, according to the provisions of the article L121-20-4 of the code of the consumption, the Internet user has not a right to withdraw during the purchase of tickets on our site.


Article II: payment terms

To pay on-line, you have to use your bank card. The company CHALAIR aviation proceeds then in real time to the debit of the card.
The payment is completely secured thanks to the encryption of the data according to the the highest standard.
Discount: except specific arrangements, a discount will not be applied.


Article III: use of tickets

To be accepted in the transport, any ticket (including the electronic ticket) must be entirely used and in the sequential order of the coupons, in accordance with the article III, the paragraph 3 of the general Conditions of transport of the company CHALAIR aviation and except preliminary agreement of the carrier (general Conditions of transport).


Article IV: attributive Clause of competence

In case of disagreement, the disputes will be carried in front of the Commercial court of Caen.


Un service de collation vous est offert à votre arrivée à bord.