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Before the UM journey

In order to avoid any last minute stress, we recommend that you complete in advance your child's travel folder "unaccompanied minor" that will be required during the registration.

You can: Dowload the form and fill it directly  (UMNR Form).

Please print the file (single-sided only), in triplicate, before heading to the airport to facilitate the process.


Documents required

Your child must be in possession of all currently valid documents required by laws and regulations, either identity crd *or passport*.
* The "family book" is not an identification document and therefore does not allow your child to take the plane.



Rules in use apply to your child's hand baggage.

Nevertheless, he must be able to carry it alone. Remerber to pack any needed medicines (with prescription), warm clothing and, if age apprpriate, his favorite blanket.

Do not add anything, such as hazardous pocket knife, scissors or even a plastic gun.

Please also ensure that your child's checked baggage does not exceed the allowed weight.