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Travelling with a small pet:

You can carry only one small pet in the cabin, with a maximum weight of 8 kg and a special sealed bag (caution: your pet's head must stay in the bag; your pet store or your vet can advise you).

Under no circumstances will your pet be allowed to get out of its bag for the duration of the flight.


For security reasons, the number of pets per flight is limited to 1. Please contact us to apply by clicking the "contact" button


Pets are not included in baggage allowance. An additional € 20.00/per trip will be charged, on the day of departure at the airport.

 Transport of animals 8 kgs and over

If you wish to transport your pet in the hold, as some of our aircraft are not suitable for this type of transport, please make a request by clicking on the "contact" button on this page.