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  1. How long before the flight should I arrive at the counter of the airport ?

The Check-in Deadline is 30 minutes before the departure of our flights

However, we invite you to take into account the waiting time before you pass through the check-in counter and various inspection filters.

  1. Which documents do I need for travelling ?

You need to make sure you have a valid document to travel  and during your entire journey (identity card or passport necessary even child and infant).

COVID-19 : please check before your departure what documents are required during the health crisis.

  1. Service on board

A snack is offered on board all our flights.

Please note that on board  the flights operated by Beechcraft 1900D that there are no toilets on board.

COVID- 19 : On-board service may be adjusted according to the health crisis. 

  1. Do you have Frequent Traveler Program ?

Chalair is partner of  the AIR France - KLM Flying Blue frequent flyer program. You earn miles and XP on all our routes :

Don't forget to provide your Flying Blue card at the check-in desk.

  1. How can I finalize my booking on the website ?

After making your booking on our website, you will receive your online e-ticket / confirmation. We recommend you to present this document at the airport.

  1. What about my bagages ?

In the hold :  On all our routes, the free bagage allowance is 15 kgs per passenger (adult and child) ans 10 kg per infant.
Beyond that, a payment of 5€/kg will be asked at the aiport. (payment at the departure airport,after checking the weight of the luggage)

In the cabin : Only one piece of luggage per passenger with a maximum size of 55 x 35 x 35 cm . The weight must not exceed 6 kg on Beechcraft 1900D aircrafts and 10 kg on ATR aircrafts.

However, for reasons of comfort, the baggage will most often be loaded in the hold when your board the plane and dropped of out of the hold when you arrive (a green tag will be attached to your bag).

  1. What about specials bagages ?

Skis, Surfboard and Golf equipment are permitted on board free of charge and included in your bagage allowance.

You can travel with a bicycle with a surcharge of €55 per travel. The additional fee will be paid at the airport desk.

All these bagages are subjet to acceptation, thank you to contact us for the request.

  1. Can a child travel alone ?

On board our lines operated by Beechcraft 1900D there is no cabin crew member (flight attendant) : for security reasons the unaccompanied minors (UM) are not permitted onboard.

Our lines operated by ATR with a cabin crew member : unaccompanied minors are permitted onboard from 4 to 11 years old.

It is imperative that you provide this UM form indicating the contact details (names, address, mobile phone) of the adult accompaying the child to the departure airport, and the adult picking up the child at the arrival airport. The child must travel   The child must present a valid ID (Identity card or Passport).

Please contact our call center for booking 

  1. What about young passengers ?

Minors up to 11 years old must be accompanied by one adult (over 18 years old) to travel on our lines. The maximum number of children per accompanying adult is 2.
Teenagers travelling  alone (over 12 years old) must present a valid ID (Identity card or Passport). No support will be provided by the company.

  1. Can we travel with more than one infant onboard ?

On board our lines operated by Beechcraft 1900D, the number of infant is limited  to 1 per flight due to special equipment requirement.

On board our lines operated by ATR ( depending on aircraft type), the number is limited from 2 up to 4 per flight.

If you travel with 2 infants, please contact us.

  1. Until when can I travel during my pregnancy ?

Pregnant women are accepted up to 28 weeks of pregnancy without a medical certificate. From 28 to 32 weeks, with this medical certificate specifying the stage of pregnancy, the state of health and the absence of risk of premature delivery (certificate less than 7 days old).

  1. Can we do wheelchair requesting ?

Our airline offers an assistance for passengers with  reduced mobility (PMR).

However, depending on the type of aircraft operating the route, and for safety reasons, the acceptance of people with reduced mobility is subject to agreement with our services. 

You must complete this PRM form and send it duly completed to the following email adress:  .

If your assistance is required following a recent operation or if you are plastered, please fill in this
medical certificate (less than 7 days old)

  1. Can we travel with a guide dog ?

The number is limited to 1 per flight for safety reasons ( free of charge).

You must complete this PRM form and send it duly completed to the following email adress:  .

  1. Can we travel with hearing impairments ?

You must complete this PRM form and send it duly completed to the following email adress:  .

For safety purposes, acceptation is  subject to  limitation, please send your request to : .

  1. Can we travel with an animal ?

In the cabin : you can carry only one small pet in the cabin, with a maximum weight of 8 kg, provided that it travels in a approved bag.

Under no circumstances should your pet leave the bag during the flight.

The number is limited onboard, please contact us : .

In the hold : the transportation of an animal in the hold is subject to agreement and only possible onboard our lines operated by an ATR aircraft type.

The transportation of animals in not included in your bagage allowance.

The fees are:

- For Pet in cabin : an extra fee of 20 euros per trip

-  For Pet in the hold : an extra fee of 40 euros per trip

Payment will be due at the airport before departure.

  1. I did not find an answer to my question.

Please use the following link Contact

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